Rev. B.P. Shirey
​1936 - 1943

Rev. Bobby Bright
​2012 - 2014

Rev. Wayne Roden
​2007 - 2008

Rev. Justin R. Childers

​2020 - Present

In 1962 the church issued forty thousand dollars in bonds to finance a new church building. In six years this was paid off & the church made progress in other areas.

On November 24, 1968, the Antioch Church burned bonds freeing the church of all building indebtness.

​Pictured from left to right are J.S. Bishop, D.C. Bartlett and Rev. Raymond Cook.

Rev. Michael Dollar
​2009 - 2012

​​​Former Church Pastors

About Our CHURCH at a Glance

Rev. William McClellan
​2014 - 2019

Rev. Felton Floyd
​1944 - 1949

The history of the first building is unique in that in that it was torn down and moved from Mentone, Alabama. The small structure, 26 feet by 40 feet, was given to the Albertville group by the Marshall County Association on BYPU Camp. The organization which is now known in Baptist Circles as the Training Union.

In 1948, the church was enlarged to seat approximately 400 persons at a cost of $5,000. On November 25, 1962 services were held in the present church located across the street from the small wooden structure that served the congregation as a meeting place for 28 years. The new church was built at a cost of $65,000 which included heating and cooling systems. The old church was remodeled and used by the church for social functions.

Bond Burning


Church History

On May, 1934 an interested group of Missionary Baptists met at the Saratoga Methodist Church on Saratoga Drive in Albertville and constituted what is now known as Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. The church was named Antioch by a majority vote on June 3, 1934.
​The church was organized with approximately 27 charter members. ​Today Antioch has over 904 members.

The Old Church Building

P​astors of the church have included Rev. J.C. Collins (1934), Rev. W.A. Masters (1935), Rev. B.P. Shirey (1936-1943),
Rev. Felton Floyd (1944-1949), Rev. Ulyss R. Graves (1950-1954), Rev. Raymond Cook (1955-2007),
Rev. Wayne Roden (2007-2008),  Rev. Michael Dollar (2009-2012), Rev. Bobby Bright (2012-2014), Rev. William McClellan (2014-2019), and Rev. Justin R. Childers (2020 - present)
​​Below you can see the photos of the pastors that were available. Rev. Collins and Rev. Masters were not available.

We are honored to have you visit our website!  Antioch Missionary Baptist Church exists to obey the Great Commission of the Gospel, to see believers grow in Christ, and to honor and glorify Him in all we do!  Antioch Baptist Church is an old-fashion, KJV Bible believing and preaching Church. We pray that our website will help you find out a little more about us, and we look forward to ministering to you and your family.

Please accept this as a cordial invitation to join us in any of our services. You'll find Antioch MBC to be a place where the Holy Spirit of God is present, and it's members have a desire to worship and strengthen their relationship with God and each other. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Yours In Christ,
Justin R. Childers, Pastor  

Rev. Raymond Cook
​1955 - 2007

Rev. Ulyss R. Graves
​1950 - 1954

Antioch Baptist Church

130 1st St.

Albertville, Alabama 35950